1987, Biofuels, Air Pollution, and Health: A Global Review, Kirk R. Smith

“Nearly 3 decades after publication of the first and still, I believe, only book laying out the major issues around what we now call household air pollution, it is available for download in pdf.   It started to address most all of the issues we still struggle with except, perhaps, the climate angle, which I am coming to think in any case is a bit of a red herring even though we also introduced the concept of what is now called 'co-benefits' and made the first measurements in the early 1990s.    Unfortunately, however, unthinking application of climate concerns now operates as a deterrent in some quarters to embracing truly clean cookfuel alternatives that have so much benefit to offer the very poorest populations.

Note, I have long stopped using the term 'biofuels' to mean biomass fuels, since biofuels now have come to mean liquid and gaseous fuels made from biomass in most of the world’s literature.  Continued use of 'biofuel' by some in our community now serves to confuse things I am afraid:  biomass fuel is a perfectly reasonable term and nicely parallel to fossil fuel."

 -K.R. Smith-

Modern Perspectives in Energy, (originally published by Plenum, which was purchased by) Springer

1987, Biofuels, Air Pollution, and HealthA Global Review, Kirk R. Smith

ISBN: 978-1-4612-8231-0 (Print) 978-1-4613-0891-1 (Online)