Impact Carbon wins the 2011 Global Leadership Award from PCIA

We are delighted to announce that Impact Carbon received the 2011 Global Leadership Award from the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA) at the 5th Biennial PCIA Forum in Peru earlier this month. This award, presented by the First Lady of Peru, recognizes Impact Carbon's success in improving health, livelihood, and quality of life through reduced exposure to indoor air pollution from household energy use. The award celebrates programs which have achieved excellence in the following areas: meeting social and behavioral needs, developing local markets, improving technology design and performance, and monitoring impacts.

As winners of this prestigious award, Impact Carbon's work will serve as a model of best practice for other programs striving to increase the use of clean, efficient, affordable, reliable and safe home cooking practices throughout the world.

Impact Carbon is a nonprofit organization with a mission to improve health, protect the environment and reduce poverty through clean energy projects. For the past nine years, we have worked with researchers and practitioners to bring innovative technologies such as clean-burning and efficient stoves to more than 735,000 people in developing countries. Impact Carbon?s projects are improving health, reducing fuel dependency within poor communities, and ensuring that climate change solutions generate sustainable livelihood opportunities at a local level.

Impact Carbon is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of energy solutions for health and development. In 2009 the organization won the Sustainable Products and Solutions Award, and was a finalist for the International Health Promotion Award in 2010.

Impact Carbon is implementing projects in China, Kenya and Uganda and is planning a number of expansion projects.