Household Air Pollution Intervention Tool (HAPIT)

HAPIT is a web-based tool to calculate and compare the health benefits attributed to proposed stove and/or fuel intervention programs to reduce exposure to household air pollution (HAP) from use of solid cookfuels in traditional stoves in developing countries.  It is tailored to national average conditions in the country where the program is planned and relies on the methods and databases developed as part of the Comparative Risk Assessment (CRA) of HAP [1], a component of the Global Burden of Disease project (GBD-2010) [2].  It includes exposure-response information for each of the major disease categories that have been accepted as being due to particle air pollution exposures including those from HAP [3] as well as 2010 background health, demographic, energy, and economic conditions in the countries for which the program has been designed, which are taken from authoritative international sources. HAPIT can output a consistently formatted PDF report containing all generated graphs and tables for distribution and discussion. Funding for development of HAPIT has come partly from the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

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More information about HAPIT can be found here.