• Previous CRA/GBD Projects
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  • Exposure Assessment Documents
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  • Household Fuel Pollution Expert Group Progress Reports
    • GBD/CRA Meeting IHME--Seattle, February 19-20, 2009

      #1 Outcomes (ppt)

      #2 Exposures (ppt) #3 Framing Issues (ppt) Health Outcome CRA Meeting W.H.O.--Geneva, Switzerland, July 8, 2009

      Biomass and Lung Cancer Update (ppt)

      Coal and Lung Cancer (ppt) IAP & Pregnancy Outcomes (ppt) UADT Cancers (ppt)

      Final CRA Meeting University of California Berkeley, December 6-8, 2009

      Health Outcome & Exposure Presentations

    • Household Water, Sanitation, Hygiene
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        Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Presentation - CHERG/WSH presentation given for the CRA/GBD management team meeting, Seattle, WA (2009) Presentation (pdf)

    • Health Endpoints: ALRI
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    • Health Endpoints: COPD
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    • Health Endpoints: Cancer
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    • Health Endpoints: TB
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    • Health Endpoints: LBW & APO
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    • Health Endpoints: Eye Disease
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